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Howdy, you’re actually reading our blog – holy mess.  Anyways, here’s a brief introduction.  We use this blog to rant about shit that we can’t tell our friends (yet) and that we don’t want to tell our families.  We talk a lot about mental health up here.  Here’s a quick summary on some of the characters you may encounter in the story of our lives:

Before you dive in we just wanted to take a moment to put out a general trigger warning. We tend to talk about a lot of subjects on our blog that may be sensitive areas for some viewers. Some of these topics include mental health disorders(Schizophrenia, Eating Disorders, Depression, etc..),self harm, suicide, assault, rape, and relationship issues.
We encourage you to read with caution if you know that any of these subjects negatively impact you and always check the tags!

Lex – Is a 20-year old author on this blog.  She lives with her roommate, G, and goes to college getting a degree in Spanish Interpretation.  She works at a highschool, at another college’s writing center, and at a pizza shop.  She has an amazing cat named Blowpop.  She’s diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, OCD, Tourettes, and a currently undiagnosed manic/psychotic disorder (they’re leaning between Bipolar Type 1 or Schizoaffective disorder Bipolar type).  She likes to write drunk and during psychotic episodes.

G – Is a 20-year old author on this blog.  Lex’s roommate, she currently attends a community college getting her associate in science before planning to transfer to a university to get a theater education degree.  She is a tutor and also works at Taco Bell.  She loves Harry Potter, musicals, and wearing too much yellow.  She has a feisty little cat named Podrick who loves to get into things and break stuff and another loving cat named Milo who is more laid back unless he’s playing with his brother. G is diagnosed with Depression, extreme Anxiety, OCD, Trichtotillomania, and is a recovered anorexic.  She likes writing drunk and used to be a bit of a stoner, but has recently decided to quit.

M – Is the closest thing to a boyfriend that Lex has.  Although he tries to fix all of his problems by trying to solve hers (read Lex’s letter to him here).  He has anxiety and depression and enjoys cars, drifting, welding, animals, adventures, skateboarding, graffiti, and music.

Lil Chip – Lil Chip is G’s previous boyfriend. They dated for a little over a year, and he was one of the best things to ever happen to her. They were best friends, lovers, and so good together. Lil Chip struggled with his own anxieties and depression, something that G believes had a role in the end of their relationship. Ultimately the stars were not aligned for them, but G will always love him, will always miss him, and will always have an empty space in her heart that was once his. (read the story of us and soul mates, not by fate but by choice for insight on their relationship).

Dora – This is G’s younger sister who she loves to death. Dora is an interesting one. She has a lot of her own mental struggles and doesn’t have a very positive relationship with her parents. She’s been diagnosed with Anxiety and depression, but it’s very very likely that there is OCD mixed in. She also doesn’t really have emotions or feel empathy/sympathy. She doesn’t understand feelings, but she does know that she cares deeply for G. G and Dora are very close, and do their best to be there for each other as much as possible. Dora is an extremely talented artist and she’s also a great softball and volleyball player.

Just for reference, G has a lot of siblings so here is a list of them since you will likely see her talk about them on the blog. The list is in order of age.

Mini me

I’ll post more characters as needed – but that’s all for now, folks!

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