Meet G

Hey, G here

I honestly don’t know why you would care enough to read about my life, but since you’re here now I guess you’re curious. It’s cool. I’m a curious person too. Hopefully my shit show will bring you a bit of amusement.

Let’s cover the basics.

I was born in December of 1998. Yes I’m a Capricorn, yes I’m hard headed, yes I love astrology.

I have a decent sized family. I’m the second oldest of 6 biological kids, but we also have my foster sister who lived with us for a couple years before she got married. She’s about two weeks older than me, and we all consider her fully family.

My first taste of mental illness started when I was 10 years old before I even knew what mental illness was. I don’t know what triggered it, but one day I just started pulling out my eyelashes. This eventually migrated to my eyebrows as well. For many years I would pull occasionally, but I wouldn’t be officially diagnosed until the age of 19. Around the age of 14 the pulling reached extremes and I have not had a full set of lashes/brows since then. This is my most hated quality, and something I’ve struggled to hide for 10 years, however, I am trying more to come to terms with it and love myself through it. (We’ll see of that actually happens)

Shortly after the start of my trich came the beginning of my struggles with body dysphoria. At the time of my life when I should have been the most nourished for important natural growth I was instead starving myself every day. It started out innocently, and my parents never spoke of mental illness with us, so I did not know that I had a problem until I found myself in a hospital room with doctors shoving the diagnoses of Anorexia down my throat.

I was 12 years old and told that given a few more weeks I probably would have died from organ failure. That’s quite a lot for a 12 year old to process. I stayed in the hospital as an inpatient for a month, and an outpatient for another 3-4 weeks.

Despite shitty doctors, lack of family understanding, and the battle against statistics, I would beat the odds and move on to make an outstanding recovery. To this day I can not tell you how I did it, but I do still struggle immensely with body dysphoria and I go through periods of increased ED tendencies.

My current set of diagnoses include extreme generalized anxiety, social anxiety, depression, panic disorder, and trichotillomania. I’ve probably had anxiety since I was rather young, but I wasn’t diagnosed fully with anything until recently when I took the effort to reach out to professionals when my anxiety became too crippling to function.

Despite the mental health struggles, they don’t define my life. I am currently enrolled in a community college for an associates degree which I will transfer to a University where I plan to study theatre arts and get my teaching license.

I am bisexual, and currently single after getting out of a 15 month relationship with the man I thought was my future husband.

I’m a humongous nerd, and I love books, shows, and musicales. If I could live and breathe the Harry Potter Universe I would do it in a heartbeat. I’m a Slytherin by the way for any of Magic savvy Individuals. I can also sing the entire Hamilton soundtrack and the entire Be More Chill Soundtrack, most of Something Rotten and most of Book of Mormon. I am constantly adding to my musical knowledge.

I love to express myself through writing and I dabble in poetry and spoken word, some of which you will find here.

I love art as well, and although I’m not good at it myself I appreciate it. I currently have 3 tattoos and will definitely be getting more.

I love animals so so much and I think they’re better than people.

Anyways there’s a bit about me. I’ll update as I think of stuff and my life changes.

Enjoy the blog and wish me luck!

– G