how to promote a blog

Does anyone know how to get more traffic and readers to your blog? I feel like no one reads our stuff these days,and I don't know if it is because it isn't interesting or because we don't post as consistently or what. I see some blogs which have less than 10 posts getting a bunch … Continue reading how to promote a blog

too dark to exist

Remission.  Recovery.  The hard words on the lips bring thoughts of Yoga and chai tea.  However, I mean real remission.  I mean no longer hallucinating.  No more delusions.  No more obsessions, no more compulsions.  No more mania, and no more depression.  No more tics. I mean normalcy.  I mean the unattainable. Everyone throws "You can … Continue reading too dark to exist

oh well

I just made a 66.67 on my final for a class?  Oh well. My mom is frustrated with me for struggling to make it to church?  Oh well. Today's gonna be a long ass day?  Oh well. I have way too much medical debt for a 20-year old?  Oh well. My medicine is fucking up … Continue reading oh well