something about nighttime/fuck oswald

The stillness.  The sounds of cars rushing by on the road, the street lights flood in through my windows.  Blowpop curls up in my lap, purring and meowing when I stop rubbing for merely a second.  I wear nothing more than an oversized shirt and underwear that should've been disposed of a long time ago. … Continue reading something about nighttime/fuck oswald

new normal

This is my new normal. Staying up late having deep and pointless conversations with my love. This is my new normal. Not being able to fit into any clothes. This is my new normal. Every penny spent is stressed over because I have bigger things to stress over. This is my new normal. Having to … Continue reading new normal

week 18

I'm trying to think of the baby less, but it isn't working.  It's a kicker now.  I'm ready for it to be felt on the outside, or rather, M is.  He's obsessed with the idea. I've grown used to the idea of being pregnant.  I can go through the day and think "yeah, my uterus … Continue reading week 18