painful posies

When the days get warmer and I can't stay sober I'm a private moaner and I remember I'm a loaner a trick of the light a trick of the mind the most freeing of times is captivating a broken nail and a broken will sun kissed skin, too pale a fake smile, a forced laugh … Continue reading painful posies


The other day I had a feeling Like the world was falling apart Like spaghetti noodles escaping a fork A feeling that you broke my heart.   The other day I had a feeling, I began to open Like a flower in the morning dew I can't let you be the one I put my … Continue reading feeling


To my love-, I mean friend. What a dangerous web we weave.  Our legs tangle together and we fly into paradise.  Our tongues twist and I feel it rising in my chest.  Orgasmic emotion that I tried to fight.  "Friends." We tried.  I tried to conceal the way your smile sent flutters in my chest. … Continue reading “friends”