something about nighttime/fuck oswald

The stillness.  The sounds of cars rushing by on the road, the street lights flood in through my windows.  Blowpop curls up in my lap, purring and meowing when I stop rubbing for merely a second.  I wear nothing more than an oversized shirt and underwear that should've been disposed of a long time ago. … Continue reading something about nighttime/fuck oswald

flight of ideas

Spin, spin, spin. These last few days all my head does is spin, spin, spin. At work, I struggled to keep a conversation going because I couldn't focus on anything.  A flight of ideas, the doctors tell me - a side effect of raging dopamine in my prefrontal cortex (that's what causes psychosis and mania - … Continue reading flight of ideas


Welp, they thought they got me this time.  They were wrong.  The US Government put location trackers into my Risperdal.  I haven't taken it in a few days because I just knew, but tonight I saw them.  G didn't see them, but I know I did. The government is afraid of mental illness.  They get … Continue reading trackers

another world

Another world, what if all of it is just our seing another wordl?  What if all mental ilness  is jsut us getting  a glimpse into another dimension?  What f the man was my guide?  What if medicinea are blinding aglasses?  What if i'm not dick, but gifted?  What if I'm not strong enough to del … Continue reading another world