don’t make me break your heart

The demanding.. it needs to stop. This week my head has been treacherous. Words have been circling through my mind over and over. They don't stop. Your words, my words, his words, her words, their opinions, their words. It's exhausting. Too many times I've opened my computer to write something here, but of all the … Continue reading don’t make me break your heart


reach nirvana with me

"You twitch in your sleep." Well yes that would either be the nightmares, the anxiety, or both thank you for noticing. "What the fuck was that weird gasp thing" Oh you know.. just me being a weird person. "Bruh you're like crazy crazy" Oh you don't even know the half of it. "I like my … Continue reading reach nirvana with me


The anger is festering this morning. I can't explain it, but I am just so so so livid. It's one of those calm angers that starts in your gut and bubbles up like a lava lamp until you are are shaking, dying to explode, dying to lash out at everyone around you, dying to hurt, … Continue reading fester