dear g

dear g, i fucked shit up.  i'm good at that.  i'm like a hurricane, but not in a cute, Harley Quinn kinda way.  i mess up relationships by accident, hurt people and run away when it's time to apologize.  when i finally apologize, it's too late.  i'm really good at that. something else im good … Continue reading dear g


The anger is festering this morning. I can't explain it, but I am just so so so livid. It's one of those calm angers that starts in your gut and bubbles up like a lava lamp until you are are shaking, dying to explode, dying to lash out at everyone around you, dying to hurt, … Continue reading fester

the cycle

The cycle, the cycle. I open my eyes. My dreams are filled with terror. After coddling myself and finding the energy to face this awful day, I check my phone. Someone texted me to hang out? How dare they take what little energy I have left. They are so selfish. After getting out of bed, … Continue reading the cycle