sex life ramblings

Well, here we are.  The post that I said I'd never write, yet has been oddly therapeutic for me. My sex life.  I've only been with three guys, yet it feels extensive. The first was Gunter, I doubt he'll be mentioned again up here - as he now is engaged and has a kid.  He … Continue reading sex life ramblings

public trich fits

A really embarrassing thing about trich is pulling sessions while you’re in public. I’m not exactly sure how to describe the desire/need that I have to pull. It’s like I’m hyper aware of my hair, especially the facial areas. I can feel each individual hair, I can visualize them. They feel... wrong.. irritating.. even painful, … Continue reading public trich fits

the cycle

The cycle, the cycle. I open my eyes. My dreams are filled with terror. After coddling myself and finding the energy to face this awful day, I check my phone. Someone texted me to hang out? How dare they take what little energy I have left. They are so selfish. After getting out of bed, … Continue reading the cycle

oh well

I just made a 66.67 on my final for a class?  Oh well. My mom is frustrated with me for struggling to make it to church?  Oh well. Today's gonna be a long ass day?  Oh well. I have way too much medical debt for a 20-year old?  Oh well. My medicine is fucking up … Continue reading oh well

four arms

I know, I know, it's been a while.  A lot of really messed up stuff has happened and i've been super green.  However, I have more super important news for you lads and gals rigt now - i grew two more arms. I'm FREAKING out.  Guys i have four super arms.  Four!  I can't control … Continue reading four arms