oh god the beach

Fuck fuck it's summer and that means hot weather and being outside and sweating hella and water and the beach and my makeup disagrees with all of this! Summer means hating that I have trich. It means constantly worrying that I'm sweating off my makeup, constantly stressed about hitting something and rubbing it off, the … Continue reading oh god the beach

naked mole rat

My head hurts. No not a headache. My scalp. Why you might ask? Because trichotillomania is a bitch. Recently I have spoken more with my therapist about my trich. We have been working on ways to help it, some including journaling meditation, redirection, hypnotism etc.. yet.. the more I try and work on it the … Continue reading naked mole rat


My mental health is getting really really bad again. Maybe I shouldn't have stopped taking my Prozac. Maybe it's because of Lil Chip. Maybe it's because no matter what I do I can't find joy in anything. I don't know if I love anyone anymore. Not the way I used to at least. I don't … Continue reading relapse