goodbye lex goodbye

You definitely don't deserve this goodbye but here it is anyways. There are so many things I wish you knew. I wanted to write you paragraphs explaining how I feel, calling you out on your bullshit, but what's the point you know? I'm working to no longer waste my time on people who clearly don't … Continue reading goodbye lex goodbye

That’s so us

When I'm sick, when I'm sad, you always bring me back. When I'm wild, when I'm mad, I'm your girl. Shit gets real, good and bad, but we cry til we laugh. Through the pain, through the fads, that's so us. I love you. - G


The anger is festering this morning. I can't explain it, but I am just so so so livid. It's one of those calm angers that starts in your gut and bubbles up like a lava lamp until you are are shaking, dying to explode, dying to lash out at everyone around you, dying to hurt, … Continue reading fester