my reality isn’t very real

"Why is your neighbor staring at us?" "No, he isn't.  Only you can see him." "But that's your neighbor" "Your perception of him, maybe" Isn't reality just our perception of the world around us?  Why would that make my hallucinations unreal and yet provide validity to something that just one man saw.  If a tree … Continue reading my reality isn’t very real


and the drugs don’t work anymore

I'm currently sitting in the highschool classroom watching computer screens while they take their test.  Boy, am I bored.  I clocked in exactly seven minutes ago and the agony is already hitting me. While listening to "Overdose" by Grandson, the line And the drugs don't work anymore... really stuck out to me.  The drugs.  The drugs … Continue reading and the drugs don’t work anymore

like a toddler hitting a light switch

Stability. "Do you consider yourself to be emotionally and mentally stable?"  The student OB asked, her little notebook in hand, preparing to write down incriminating evidence of psychological warfare in the mind of this pregnant mentally ill patient. "Well, sometimes I still struggle, but with the help of frequent therapy and medications, I consider myself … Continue reading like a toddler hitting a light switch

i closed

Dumb things make me happy sometimes.  Tonight, it was that I closed at work.  Who knew that mopping a floor could bring so much joy? Work gives me such a sense of accomplishment.  For no apparent reason.  Something about having a list of things to do and being able to go home and eat a … Continue reading i closed