flight of ideas

Spin, spin, spin.

These last few days all my head does is spin, spin, spin.

At work, I struggled to keep a conversation going because I couldn’t focus on anything.  A flight of ideas, the doctors tell me – a side effect of raging dopamine in my prefrontal cortex (that’s what causes psychosis and mania – for those of you who didn’t know).  Essentially, it’s when conversation is discombobulated and frazzled and you’re literally thinking twelve things at once.  Not to be confused with ADHD or Anxiety – with those you don’t actually try the things and they don’t intercede with your perception of reality to the point that it can no longer be established (neurosis of anxiety vs. psychosis).

In the past hour at work, I helped a student, cried in the bathroom because my boobs were leaking, stalked someone maliciously, suddenly loved the girl and felt bad, come up with ideas to redecorate my room and have been on Wish shopping. Jesus Christ.


If I survive, I’ll probably forget to write again tomorrow,


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