reach nirvana with me

“You twitch in your sleep.”
Well yes that would either be the nightmares, the anxiety, or both thank you for noticing.

“What the fuck was that weird gasp thing”
Oh you know.. just me being a weird person.

“Bruh you’re like crazy crazy”
Oh you don’t even know the half of it.

“I like my girls crazy though”
Mmmm do you? Crazy isn’t an aesthetic. My mental health is real and daunting, and you’re actually catching me at one of my better moments.

“You did that twitch thing and kneed me in the nuts. You’re lucky I have self control because I wanted to punch you in the face.”
uhm, I’m sorry? You shouldn’t need self control to stop you from punching girls in the face you just shouldn’t do it. Especially when it is something like this that I obviously can’t stop. Sometimes I can redirect it, but then you just ask why I’m so shaking or why i’m shivering or why I look crazy.
So fuck you.

*Calls you baby and thinks that’s good enough*

“I’m needy, I like attention.”
*Doesn’t give you the same type of attention in return*

Oh, oh honey this is already so tragic. I get bored so easily, stop boring me, and no that doesn’t just mean sex Jesus Christ get off me please. Can’t you take no for no? I think I only like you because you’re giving me attention, and you’re really the only one in my life giving me any type of attention other than Dora.
I crave attention from the people I love and care about. I want to be shown that they care about me in return, that they need me too, that they want me too.
You seem sweet I wont lie, but you also don’t seem ready to handle me. I’m so done with people who don’t give me the attention I deserve. I’m so done feeling clingy and annoying for things that should be normal. I’m so done with people who say “Oh yeah” to my mental health, but then don’t get it at all and stay ignorant.
I’m done with dry ass conversations.
And people with no substance.
I’m done with friends and relationships that don’t value me.
I’m done with people who are okay with staying in this little town.
Or people who give no substance to their life or others.
People who sit on the couch all day and do nothing
Who don’t know how to save their money for the things that really matter.
I’m tired of people who have shitty conversations
People who bore me
People who don’t get me and don’t try to.

These friendships are lame, these relationships are boring. I want someone to reach Nirvana with.

Reach Nirvana with me. Maybe we’ll see a new world.

Wish me luck i guess.
– G

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