painful posies

When the days get warmer
and I can’t stay sober
I’m a private moaner
and I remember I’m a loaner

a trick of the light
a trick of the mind
the most freeing of times
is captivating

a broken nail and a broken will
sun kissed skin, too pale
a fake smile, a forced laugh
a mind obsessing over the future and the past
never present

A sandy beach, a garden of roses
burning feet, and painful posies
melodies murmured beneath a starry sky
dreams murdered behind a chilling cry

rituals repeat, and so will this
motivation is morning mist
souls blowing with the trees in the wind
minds joining the sun in sin

warmth brings comfort, warmth brings life
warmth melts waxy bones at night
a circle is constant, it never ends
one side to the other and back again

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