post spring break

So spring break didn’t turn out as awful as I was expecting. The first part of the week was pretty bad, but once I got up to see my sister I had a good time.

My trip wasn’t nearly as exciting as Lex’s though, so i’l try and convince her to come up here and write about it.

I think I’m doing a bit better. I mean.. I’m not crying all day every day so that’s good. I have to admit seeing all of the couples cuddling up to each other at Kings Dominion hurt pretty bad. I kept imaging what it would be like to be there with Lil Chip. I wish I had him to snuggle up against while I waited for rides, but honestly he probably wouldn’t have been that fun there. He wouldn’t have ridden any roller coasters with me except one or maybe two. He probably would have just walked around the whole time complaining about how expensive everything was. (It was outrageous though)

Me and K (the sister I was visiting)also went to the beach while I was there. It was honestly pretty windy and cold though, so we didn’t actually go out on the beach and you had to pay to walk on the pier so that was bullshit. We walked around to some cute little stores though, and we got shitty coffee that just tasted like steamed milk. I thought I was going to be adventurous and try a watermelon Latte, but that mess was just disappointing and tasted nothing like anything let alone watermelon. It was still fun though. We saw a lot of cute dogs, although one of them had their ears clipped which made me really mad. I hate when people mutilate their animals to fit into their aesthetics.

I’m back home now, and it’s Monday. I really don’t want to go back to school, but at least I’m getting back into structure. This month is going to be my planning month. I don’t care how I do it or how frustrating it is. This month I am going to figure some shit out regarding my future, and decide what the hell i’m going to be doing both this summer and this fall.

It’s going to be difficult so you know what to do.
Wish me luck.
– G

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