to go or not to go

Took my baby Podrick to the vet this morning.
I had to drop over $100 that I really don’t have, but I do feel better knowing he’s okay and getting him some drops for his eyes.

I have to work at 1100, but I wanted to throw in a quick post before I went. I don’t know why, but blogging just makes me feel comfortable. Even when I’m writing about hard stuff it’s better to just get it out, and even though I never say everything I want to, some is better than none.

When I’m gone I wonder if people will find this blog and read it. I kind of hope they do, so that they can see inside my mind a little better and learn things I was too afraid to tell them. I also kind of don’t want them too as well though because leaving people with such a big chunk of myself is scary. I don’t want them to formulate negative opinions.

Quick update. I’ve been able to eat slightly better the last couple days, and I’m actually feeling desire to consume food when I get hungry instead of just feeling sick. I’m trying to remind myself that it is okay to eat. It doesn’t make me weak.

Next week is spring break. Maybe if I had the money I would commit myself for the week, but I don’t have $5,000+ to spend, and I don’t think it would really help me, just keep me from dying for one more day.

After tonight I will be making some decisions regarding my life moving forward (or not moving forward)

I’ll update later.

Wish me luck.
– G

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