verde loco part 1

If I made this blog so that it could be read in English or Spanish, would anyone actually read it?

Anyways, here are a list of green things that I want (and plan) to do:

1.) Give myself a tattoo

2.) Spray paint dumpsters

3.) Use chalk on the neighbor’s parking spaces and write nice things

4.) Dye Blowpop’s tail

5.) Post a pro-mental health

6.) Send someone nudes

7.) Make a sculpture out of tampons

8.) Destroy random furniture on the side of the road

9.) Drive drunk

10.) Jump off a bridge

11.) TP someone’s house

12.) Make cookies and deliver them to people

13.) Steal something worth more than $10 from somewhere other than Walmart

14.) Buy a gun

15.) “Borrow” someone else’s car, go for a drive, and return it

16.) Steal a book from the library

17.) Leave a random book at the library

18.) Sneak something not allowed into the psych ward

19.) Do a drug other than weed

20.) Break into a non abandoned building

21.) Drive across state lines and buy fireworks

22.) Hopefully not get arrested or hospitalized for any of this

23.) Make an overnight beach trip

24.) Get into a fight… And win

25.) Run from the cops

This is my mania requesting this, not me.  But hey, mania can be fun… sometimes.

Send help.

If I survive then I’ll see you tomorrow,


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