to go or not to go

Took my baby Podrick to the vet this morning. I had to drop over $100 that I really don't have, but I do feel better knowing he's okay and getting him some drops for his eyes. I have to work at 1100, but I wanted to throw in a quick post before I went. I … Continue reading to go or not to go


stick your dick in a meat grinder🖕🏼

You’re such a hypocrite making posts and acting like you want to be with other girls. Acting like you want to sleep around or fuck the girls you dance with in bars or clubs. Shut up okay? We both know you don’t want that. I mean even if you do your dick doesn’t fucking work. … Continue reading stick your dick in a meat grinder🖕🏼

i closed

Dumb things make me happy sometimes.  Tonight, it was that I closed at work.  Who knew that mopping a floor could bring so much joy? Work gives me such a sense of accomplishment.  For no apparent reason.  Something about having a list of things to do and being able to go home and eat a … Continue reading i closed


My mental health is getting really really bad again. Maybe I shouldn't have stopped taking my Prozac. Maybe it's because of Lil Chip. Maybe it's because no matter what I do I can't find joy in anything. I don't know if I love anyone anymore. Not the way I used to at least. I don't … Continue reading relapse