dear g

dear g, i fucked shit up.  i'm good at that.  i'm like a hurricane, but not in a cute, Harley Quinn kinda way.  i mess up relationships by accident, hurt people and run away when it's time to apologize.  when i finally apologize, it's too late.  i'm really good at that. something else im good … Continue reading dear g

That’s so us

When I'm sick, when I'm sad, you always bring me back. When I'm wild, when I'm mad, I'm your girl. Shit gets real, good and bad, but we cry til we laugh. Through the pain, through the fads, that's so us. I love you. - G

flight of ideas

Spin, spin, spin. These last few days all my head does is spin, spin, spin. At work, I struggled to keep a conversation going because I couldn't focus on anything.  A flight of ideas, the doctors tell me - a side effect of raging dopamine in my prefrontal cortex (that's what causes psychosis and mania - … Continue reading flight of ideas